Last Updated Opportunity Days

Last Updated Days

Last Updated Opportunity Days : Whenever any sales rep update any opportunity automatically Last Modified date changed. But we can’t get in teams of Number. Every time we have to calculate numbers of days. Instead of calculate days we can use formula field and it give us Number of days.

 Advantages :

  • We can get Last updated days for that particular opportunity.
  • This is Formula field and it’s calculate automatically.
  • We can run report depend on Last Updated Days. e.g.Last Updated Days : before 30 days, Last Updated Days – today etc.
  • Each report we can add this field, so we get to know when Sales rep. updated.

Step 1: Create Formula Field

Formula Field

Step 2: Select Data Type : Formula Filed

Data Type

Step 3: Select Return Type

Return Type

Step 4: Write Formula ( NOW() –  LastModifiedDate )


Step 5: Click Save

Open any opportunity you can see new field called “Last Updated Days“. Below is example.

Last Updated Days


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