Salesforce Activities

New Task Layout

Activities means : A detailed interaction log for a call, a follow up task or a calendar event. Below are few details about Activities.

Open Activities : All your pending activities called open activities. e.g. Phone Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc.

  • New Task – LayoutNew Task Layout
  • Assigned to : you can assign new task to your Sales Rep. even you can also assign task to his / her manager and themselves.
  • Subjects : You can select subject from selection menu. ( Call, Email, Send Letter, Send Quote, Other (you can add subject as per your requirement ).
    • Note : If you want to allow to select subject only from Selection then below are validation rule.
      • AND(Subject <> ‘Visit’,
        Subject <> ‘Call’,
        Subject <> ‘Send Information’,
        Subject <> ‘Send Quotation’,
        Subject <> ‘Follow Up’,
        Subject <> ‘Update Information’)
      • Effect : User are only allow to select from above subjects. you can track your sales rep activities easily. because sometime Sales rep writing e.g. Cold Call, Cold Visit, Sales Visit, Service Visit etc. If you want to take Visit Report then you can’t take because every time subject is different.

Validation Rule

  • New Event – Layout


  • Assigned To : here you can select your Sales Rep.
    • Note : Event is also called “Cloud Scheduler“.
  • Type : You can select which type of your event. ( e.g. Visit, Call, Meeting etc. )
  • End : You can select end Date & Time for this event.
  • Start : You can select start Date & Time for this event.
  • Location : You can write client office location.
  • Subject : You can select subject as per your Event.
  • New Meeting – Layout New Meeting Layout
  • Date : You can select date & time.
  • Duration : You can select duration of your meeting.

Activities History : All your finished activities called activities history. e.g. Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc.

  • Log a Call – Layout 

Log a Call Layout

  • Here you can log your call whenever you are creating call to for this Lead / Opportunity / Client / Contact / Service Case. Whenever you creating Log a Call at the same time you can create next action after finished a call. e.g. after call client asking for meeting or quote or send information. So, same time you can assign task for it.
  • Task Information : You can assign new task to your Sales Rep about next action or follow up.
  • Send an Email – Layout 

Send Email Layout

  • If you want to send email through for this lead then you can send email to that particular customer’s email id. Note : you can select contacts from your contacts only. you can also select template if you created in your Org.
    • Above you can select To, Additional To, CC & Bcc ( by default it’s your email id ).
    • Body : you can write your email content and do formatting as per your requirements.
    • Select Template : If you already created template then you can select it.
    • Attach file : If you want to attach any files from your computer or
    • Preview : Before sending you can review your preview then you can send.
    • Check Spelling : Even you can check your content’s spelling.
  • Note : whenever you are sending any email from then it will show in your “Activity History“.

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