Lead Layout


Below are more information about Lead Layout.

1)   Related List : All Actions related to leads you can see on Top of the lead layout. Where you can do following activities.

  • External Sharing : Where you can share this lead with external.
  • Related Content : It will search content from your Org. Salesforce.com
    • Find Content : It will search your lead content into your Salesforce.com
    • Search All : It will search your all lead’s content into your Salesforce.com
    • Delivery Content : you can Delivery your content through webpage
  • Group : If you have any group then you can share lead with your group
  • Approval History : If you set already approval process for your lead then you can submit for approval
  • Open Activities : All your pending activities called open activities. e.g. Phone Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc.
    • New Task : you can assign new task to your Sales Rep. even you can also assign task to his / her manager and themselves. Task include : Call, Email, Send Letter, Send Quote, Other (you can add subject as per your requirement).
  • New Event : here you can make Event for particular this lead. it is also called “Cloud Scheduler“.
  • New Meeting Request : you can also request for Meeting for particular this lead.

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  • Activities History : All your finished activities called activities history. e.g. Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc.
    • Log a Call : Here you can log your call whenever you are creating call to for this lead. Whenever you creating Log a Call at the same time you can create next action after finished a call. e.g. after call client asking for meeting or quote or send information. so, same time you can assign task for it.
    • Mail Merge : Whenever you want to do mail merge for this lead you can create it.
    • Send an Email : if you want to send email through Salesforce.com for this lead then you can send email to that particular customer’s email id. Note : you can select contacts from your Salesforce.com contacts only. you can also select template if you created in your Salesforce.com Org.
    • Campaign History : If you already created anyCampaign in your Salesforce.com Org. then you can also “Add to Campaign

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2) Standard Button : Salesforce provide you few standard function buttons. Below are list of it.

  • Edit : If you want to edit any information in particular lead then you have to use Edit button. When you press edit button same time Delete, Convert, clone, Find duplicate & Submit for approval buttons will disappear. Below are layout when you are doing editing.

Edit Lead

  • Delete : If you want to delete Lead then you can delete while clicking delete button. After delete lead will go to Recycle bin.
  • Convert : Whenever you want to convert lead to opportunity then you can use this button.

Lead Convert

  • Clone : Clone means Copy, whenever you want to make copy and change few details then you can use clone button.

Clone Lead



Note : you just have to change information then save it.

  • Find Duplicate : Whenever you want to search / find same lead in your salesforce.com then you can click on it. there are few parameters which you have to pass it. e.g. Name, Company, Email, Phone. then it will search if your value will match with existing lead in salesforce.com

Find Duplicate Lead

  • Submit to Approval : If you want to submit this lead to your manager to review and get approval for converting to opportunity then you can use it.

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