How to update Customer Status using Process Builder ?

Active Process Builder

Customer Status: When opportunity stage closed won means this is our “Current Customer” from Prospect Customer.

Let’s create process builder for this requirement.

  • Click Setup Home
  • Click Process Automation
  • Click Process Builder

Create Process Builder

  • Click Save
  • Select “Opportunity” object
  • Select “when a record is created or edited” as Start the process

Select Object

  • Click Save
  • Add our Criteria – Stage = “Closed Won”

Add Criteria

  • Above screen we can add more conditions as per our requirements. e.g. Amount >= $10,000 etc.
  • We need to update Account object field.
  • Select Immediate Actions as “Update Records”
  • Write name “Update Account Type
  • Select Record Type “Account ID

Select Record Type

  • Above screen we can also select related object of opportunity.
  • Now we can update “Account Type” as “Customer

Update Field

  • Above screen we can add multiple fields and it’s values.
  • Click Save

Active Process Builder

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