How to Submit for Approval using Process Builder?

Submitted for Approval

Submit for Approval : If we have exiting Approval process for any opportunity or any other object then we can execute automatically using Process Builder.

Note: Create approval process as per your requirement. Here we create if “Opportunity Stage = Negotiation/Review” and “Amount > 100”.

Let’s create setup


  • Click Setup
  • Search Process Builder
  • Click New
  • Process Name: Opportunity Submit for Approval
  • The process starts when: A record changes

Create New Process Builder

  • Click Save
  • Select Object: Opportunity
  • Start the process: when a record is created or edited 
    • Because we need to execute when stage is change

Select Opportunity Object

  • Click Save

Write Conditions

  • Write Criteria Name
  • Set Conditions: We have below conditions
    • Stage = Negotiation/Review
    • Amount > 100
  • Select Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record? : Yes
  • Click Save

3 Call Approval Process

  • Click Add Action
  • Select Action Type: Submit for Approval
  • Action Name: Opportunity Approval
  • Approval Process: Select your existing Approval Process
  • Click Save

Activate Process Builder

  • Click Active

Submitted for Approval

  • Above screen you can see it’s automatically summited for approval when condition matched.

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