How to Setup Time-dependent actions in Process Builder?

Process Builder

Time-dependent actions is executed at a specific time, such as 10 days before a record’s date or 5 days after record’s date. When that specific time passes, the workflow rule re-evaluates the record to make sure that it still meets the rule criteria.

Example : Email alert before 7 days of Quote Expire Date.

  • Click “Setup
  • Search “Process Builder
  • Click “New
  • New Process BuilderSelect Object “Quote” – here you can select any Salesforce Object [ Contact, Account, Lead or Opportunity ]Select Object
  • Click “Add Criteria
  • Add CriteriaClick “Scheduled ActionsScheduled Actions
  • Click “Add ActionDefine Action
  •  Click “ActivateActive Process Builder
  • Congratulation your Process Builder ready “Email alert before 7 days of Quote Expire Date

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