How to modify Opportunities highlights panel in Lightning Experience?

New Opportunity Highlights Panel

Opportunities highlights panel : Compact layout help user to identify the records. We can modify with all Salesforce Standard or Custom Objects. We can display five important fields to identified record. e.g. Opportunity Name, Account, Close Date, Amount, Owner. We can select as per our requirements.

Note : We have to create our own customize compact layout and assign to user’s profile. We can not modify into primary layout.

Example : Let’s create custom compact layout.


  • Click Setup Home
  • Click Objects and Fields
  • Click Objects Manager
  • Select Opportunity
  • Click Compact Layout

Compact Layout

  • When you clicked Compact Layout you can see default layout as below.

Default Compact Layout

  • Click New

New Compact Layout

  • Click Compact Layout Assignment

Custom Layout

  • If we want to modify fields then we have to click on “Edit” button on above image and modify fields.

Compact Layout Assignment

  • Click “Edit Assignment” and select our new custom compact layout

Edit Compact Layout Assignment

  • ones you save you can see our primary compact layout changed to “Custom Layout”.

New Custom Layout

  • Let’s have a look opportunity and verify our new custom layout fields.

New Opportunity Highlights Panel

  • above image we can see our new compact layout and highlighted and other selected fields.
  • Exercise 1 : Create account “Custom Layout” and select any five fields.
  • Exercise 1 : Create case “Custom Layout” and select any five fields.


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