How to mass transfer records in lightning experience?

Transfer records:  We will use this feature when we need to transfer bulk data.

For example: We can transfer Accounts, Leads or Opportunities to new Sales rep or other record’s owner.

Use case: We have all accounts under “John David” and we will transfer to “Kim Jonson” as well as open opportunities and open cases.

Let’s start:

  • Click Setup
  • Search Mass Transfer Records
  • Select Transfer Accounts

  • Criteria:
    • Transfer from: John David
    • Transfer to: Kim Jonson
    • Transfer open opportunities not owned by the existing account owner: True (We will also transfer open opportunities)
    • Transfer open cases owned by the existing account owner: True (We will also transfer open cases)

  • Click Find

After click Find we can see whole list of account under John David and we can select accounts which we need to transfer to Kim Jonson. In below screen we are transferring all accounts, open opportunities and open cases to Kim Jonson

  • In above screen shot we selected all accounts because we want to transfer all accounts.
  • Click Transfer

Same way we can transfer other Salesforce records.

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