How to learn Salesforce through Videos?


Video is easy way to learn Salesforce any technologies because it is Combination of Voice and Picture. The easiest way to learn Salesforce or any technologies is Video or Picture.

Following things you can learn with any Videos.

  1. Concept of Salesforce
  2. Salesforce objects
  3. Features
  4. Setup or implementation Salesforce
  5. Query about any particular feature
  6. Webinar
  7. Dreamforce – Product Launch

Few important Videos which you must have to watch.

  1. Salesforce Features :  Click here to Play
  2. Salesforce Products : Click here to Play
  3. Salesforce How-To’s : Click here to Play
  4. Customer Success Stories :  Click here to Play
  5. News & Announcements : Click here to Play
  6. Events : Click here to Play
  7. Summer ’15 : Click here to Play

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