How to Enable the Lightning Report Builder (Beta)?

Accounts Report

Lightning Report Builder (Beta): We can build Lightning reports in Lightning with lot of new features added. We can also add filters, graphs and other criteria in Lightning experience.

First we need to enable this feature and then after we will get this feature in Lightning Experience.

Let’s enable this feature.


  • Click Setup
  • Click Features Settings
  • Click Analytics 
  • Click Reports and Dashboards Settings
  • Enable “Enable Lightning Dashboard Tables (Beta)”

Enable Lightning Report Builder (Beta)

  • Click Save

Let’s give permission to user to access this feature

  • Click Setup
  • Click Users
  • Click Permission Set
  • Click New
  • Write Permission Set Name

Create Permission Set

  • Click System Permissions
  • Edit System Permissions
  • Enable Report Builder (Lightning Experience)

Enable Report Builder

  • Assign user which we want to give permission

We enabled feature and let’s create report.

  • Click Report Tab
  • Click New Report

New Report

  • Select Report Type

Select Object

  • Select Columns which you want to see in Report

Accounts Report

  • Same way we can create any types of report.

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