How to enable Lightning Experience in Salesforce ?

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Lightning Experience : Lighting is Winter ’16 release new A new, modern, and intelligent user experience for Sales cloud.

Lighting Experience available in below Edition.

  • Contact Manager Edition, Personal Edition, Edition, and Edition aren’t supported forLightning Experience. Customers on these editions can’t enable Lightning Experience.

Below are few advantages of Lightning Experience.

  • It’s Faster
  • It’s Smarter
  • Nice graphics

How to enable Lighting Experience?

  • Click Setup
  • Click Lighting Experience
  • Enable Accounts Insights
  • Enable Social Accounts, Contacts and Leads
  • Configure Set up Permission
  • Enable  Lighting Experience

Enable Lighting

Use Permission Sets to Give Users Access to Lighting Experience.

  • You can set User Permission who can access Lighting Experience.
  • Manually you can select users how can access it.

How to you switch to Lighting Experience ?

  • Click your profile
  • Click Switch to Lighting Experience

Switch to Lighting Experience

Welcome to Lighting World

Lighting Experience Home page

Lightning Home Page

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