How to do New Event to Lead in Lightning Experience ?

LEX New Event

Applications of New Event :

  • When you are going for below event you can create New Event
    • Meeting
    • Demo
    • Visit
    • Presentation
  • When you are going for full day or particular time or date

Advantages to New Event :

  • Track your Events
  • you can assign meeting to your sales team and yourself
  • have a clear idea for past events

How to do New Event to Lead in Lightning Experience ?

  • Select Leads
  • Click New Event

LEX New Event

  • Subject : Select Subject e.g. Call, Visit, Follow up etc. ( you can customize as per your requirements ).
  • Start : You can select Start date of your event.
  • Time : You can select Start time of your event.
  • End : You can select End date of your event.
  • Time : You can select End time of your event.
  • All-Day Event : Even you can select full day Event.
  • Name : by default it’s lead or contact name.
  • Related to : here you can select all salesforce objects. ( e.g. Accounts, Opportunity, Case, Contract etc ).
    • LEX New Feature : you can create “New Accounts, Opportunity, Case or any other object which you selected. you can see in above screen.
  • Assigned To : yourself or your team

LEX Next Steps

  • Any open activities mark under “Next Steps“. So, you will get to know what you have to do next.

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