How to delete an Opportunity using Flow?

Flow: Flow is an automation process in Salesforce where businesses process by collecting data and perform next automatically process. We will delete an opportunity when Opportunity close lost.

  • We will delete an opportunity when it will close lost.

Let’s set up flow.

  • Click Setup
  • Click Process Automation
  • Click Flows
  • Click New Flows

  • Select Screen Flow
  • Click Create

  • Click Manager
  • Click New Resources
  • Select Resource Type Variable
  • API Name OpportunityID
  • Date Type Text

  • Drag Delete Records
  • Label DeleteOpportunity 
  • How to Find Records to Delete Specify conditions
  • Select Object Opportunity
  • Condition Requirements Condition Requirements
    • Condition
      • Stage = Closed Lost
      • ID = Opportunity ID

  • Now we need to connect with delete action

  • We need to create process builder and call this flow.
  • Select Opportunity Object
  • Start the Process when a record is created or edited
  • Condition Stage = Close Lost
  • Launch a Flow
  • Flow Variable Opportunity ID

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