How to Customize Lead Search Layouts?

Lead Search Layouts

Definition of “Customize Lead Search Layouts” : Customize which fields display for users in search results which Columns you want to display to users when they are searching.

Following are few layout for Lead Search Layouts.

  1. Search Results
  2. Lookup Dialogs
  3. Lookup Phone Dialogs
  4. Leads Tab
  5. Leads List View
  6. Search Filter Fields

For any customize Lead Search Layouts you have to select important fields. Even you can only select 10 fields per layout.

Below are steps to configure above Search Layouts.

  • Click Setup
  • Click Customize
  • Click Leads
  • Click Search Layouts

Lead Search Layouts

How to Add / Remove modify fields?

  • Click on Search Results
    • Click Edit
    • You can select 10 Fields in Selected Fields.
    • Use of Search Results: When ever you are searching any lead then below selected fields will display.

Search Results

  • Lookup Dialogs
    • Use of Search Results: pop up when you click the magnifying glass on Lookup fields.
  • Lookup Phone Dialogs
    • Use of Lookup Phone Dialogs : pop up when you click the magnifying glass on a SoftPhone dial pad.
  • Leads Tab
    • Use of Leads Tab : whenever you click on Lead tab all selected fields will display
  • Leads List View
    • Use of Leads List View : whenever you open any list view then you can display selected fields.
  • Search Filter Fields
    • Use of Search Filter Fields : Search Results Filter Fields for search.

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