How to create Service Cloud Launch Pad?

Service Cloud Launch Pad : Create and customize a console app, then assign the Service Cloud User feature license to users as per your organization branding. You can select which object you want to add in this Service Cloud Launch Pad.

Let’s create Service Cloud Launch Pad.

  • Click Setup (Salesforce Classic)
  • Search “Service Cloud Launch Pad” in Search bar

Select Standard Console

  • Above we can select any console. e.g. Standard Console, Branded Console or Service Reports & Dashboards.
  • Write New Service Console Pad name e.g. “New Service Console
  • Ones we created we can modify as per our requirements.

Created Console

  • Below is our new Service Console.

New Service Console

  • If you want to modify name, objects and other customization then you can do it using below screen.

Modify Service Console

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