How to Create Permission Set in Lightning Experience ?

Select Permission

Permission Set : A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various  features, tools and functions. The settings and permissions in permission sets are also found in profiles, but permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles. Permission set we can give to particular license or general.

Below Permissions we can set in Permission Set:

  • Assigned Apps
  • Assigned Connected Apps
  • Object Settings
  • App Permissions
  • Apex Class Access
  • Visualforce Page Access
  • External Data Source Access
  • Named Credential Access
  • Data Category Visibility
  • Service Presence Statuses Access
  • Custom Permissions
  • System Permissions

Let’s create one “Report Permission” and assign to one user

  • Click Setup
  • Search Permission Sets
  • Click New
  • Permission Set Label : Report Permission

Create Permission Sets

Note: Don’t select License because same permission set we can use other License. If you select “Salesforce” as license then you can’t use “Salesforce Community” or “” license.

  • Click Save

Select Permission

  • Select System Permissions (Report permission is under System Permissions)

List of Permissions Sets

  • Click Edit
  • Here we need to select permission which we want to give to user

Select Permission

  • Above we selected two permissions
    • Create and Customize Reports
    • Create Report Folders
  • Click Save

Assign Users

  • Click Manage Assignments
  • Here we need to select which you want to assign this permission
  • Click Add Assignments

Add Assignment

  • Select User
  • Click Assign
  • Permission set assigned to selected user
  • Now user can create report even that user profile is not allow to create report

Below are few common permission set.

  • Create and Customize List Views
  • Create and Set Up Communities
  • Create Topics
  • Customize Application
  • Edit HTML Templates
  • Export Reports
  • Lightning Experience User
  • Mass Email
  • Schedule Reports
  • Subscribe to Dashboards
  • Transfer Record
  • Weekly Data Export

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