How to Create List View in Lightning Experience ?

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Definition of “List View” : List views make it easier to see records that are important to you. You can filter your records by field value and customize which fields to display in your list. You can create list view for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases etc.

To create List View follow below steps. Let’s create “Closed Won Opportunities” list view.


  • Click Opportunities
  • Click List View Controls
  • Click New
  • Name “Closed Won Opportunities”

List View

Add Filter List View

  • Add Filter
    • Filter means your condition
      • 1st Condition Opportunity Owner : Divyesh Ardeshana
      • Condition Filter List View2nd Condition Opportunity Stage : Closed Won

2nd Condition Filter List View

  • Select fields for view

Select Fields View


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