How to Create Kanban View in Lightning Experience?

Change Type

Kanban View: Kanban View is available for Salesforce objects in Lightning Experience only.  It will help you view records in an easy and fast way. To create Kanban view we need list view in an object.


  • The Kanban view displays a maximum of 200 cards.
  • Kanban cards display a maximum of four fields. e.g. Account Name, Opportunity name, Stage and Amount.
  • Mass actions can’t be performed in the Kanban view.
  • The Currency field can’t be used to group records.

Let’s create one “Kanban View ” for all my opportunities.

  • Click Here to Create List View (My Opportunities)
  • Select My Opportunities list view

Select List View

  • Click Display As Kanban
  • Select Kanban

Select Kanban

  • Ones you select Kanban automatically List view change to Kanban as per below image.

Kanban View

  • In the above screen, we can see it’s the Group By Opportunity Stage. We can change Group By to Account Type, Opportunity Owner, Lead Source, etc.
  • We can change from Opportunity Stage to Type.
  • Click Kanban Setting

Kanban Setting

  • We select any options from Summarize By or Group by as per below image. The group is a mandatory field.

Group by in Kanban View

  • Below options are available in Group by field. We will select Type.

Select Group by

  • Click Save

Type Kanban View

  • We can easily change Type / Stage or any other group by with just simply drag opportunity to new value section.
  • Let’s change New Customer to Existing Customer – Downgrade.
  • Select Opportunity and drag to a new value

Change Type

  • Same way you can change the opportunity stage very easily.

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