How to create Google Search in your contacts with custom link in Lightning Experience ?

Google Search Engine

Google Search custom link : If you wish to search your contact in Google search engine then we need to create custom link in contact. Ones you added link into contact page layout then you are able to search your selected contacts details from google search engine.

Let’s create custom link for Google Search

  • Click Setup
  • Expend Objects and Fields
  • Click Objects Manager
  • Click Contact

Custom Link

  • Click Buttons, Links, and Actions
  • Below you can see existing Buttons, Links, and Actions

Existing Buttons

  • Click New Custom Button or Link

Create Button

  • We have add above custom link into Contact Page layout.

Change Page Layout

  • Below you have to select page layout and click edit.

Edit Page Layout

  • Drag Google Search link from Custom Link.

Drag Link

  • Click Save
  • Open Contact

Contact Page

  • Ones you click Google Search page will redirect to Google Search

Google Search Engine

  • Same way you can add this link in Account, Case and other objects.

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