How to create Global Action in Lightning Experience?

Global Action : Create New Record, Log a call, New Task, New Event anywhere from Lightning Experience. When ever you want to perform mention action you can do it from Lead, Account, Opportunity, Case or Home page and it’s fast. Also define default value for that particular action.

E.g. Let’s create New Lead action in Global Action list.


  • Click Setup
  • Click User Interface
  • Click Global Actions
  • Select Global Actions 

Global Action

  • Click New Action

New Lead

  • Above image we have fill below fields.
    • Action Type : Here we have to select which action we want to do.
    • Target Object : Here we have to select which object you want to create.
    • Record Type : Depend on your object we have to select record type.
    • Label : Write action name.
    • Description : Write description of your action name.
    • Success Message : Write customize message for users.
    • Icon : Select icon for global action.
  • Below we have to Modify Page Layout.

Global Action Page Layout

  • Above image we can drag fields from “Available fields” to “Selected fields” as per our requirements.
  • We can also do Predefined Field Values for lead.

Predefined Field Values

  • Select “Lead Status” as specific value “Working – Contacted” see below image.

New Predefined Field Values

  • If we want to add any other field as predefined we can do the same way as above.
  • Now we have to add “New Lead” global action into “Global Publisher Layout“.
  • Click Publisher Layouts
  • Edit existing page layout

Publisher Layouts

  • Above screen we can add any global action to our Publisher Layouts.

New Lead Global Actions

  • Below is screen when you click New Lead.

New Lead

  • Above screen we can see New Lead when we click “Global Action”.
  • Exercise 1 : Create new global for “New Contact”
  • Exercise 2 : Create new global for “New Opportunity”


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