How to create Custom Report type in Lightning Experience ?

Account Contact Report

Custom Report Type : If you have added new fields / objects / requirements with join new and old objects then you have to create new Custom Report type.

Let’s create new Custom Report type

  • Click Setup
  • Click Feature Settings
  • Click Analytics
  • Click Reports & Dashboards
  • Click Report Types

Custom Report Type

  • We have to select Object and where to store. Follow below steps.

Create Report Type

  • In above screen we are creating new custom report type “Account and Contacts Report”.
  • You have also select where you want to store new report.
  • In Development – you can select till you final your layout / fields after that you can select “Developed”.

Select Object

  • Above screen we have condition “Each “A” record must have at least one related “B” record.” or you can select other¬†Relationship as well and also add one more object as per your requirements.

New Report Type

  • Let’s create new report.

Create Report

  • Ones you click Create you have to select fields from Accounts and contacts objects.

Account Contact Report

  • Same way you can create any object’s custom report.

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