How to create an Account using Flow?

Map Processes

Flow: Flow is an automation process in Salesforce where businesses process by collecting data and perform next automatically process. The flow can Create, Delete, Update also Create records for multiple objects.

There are two types of Flows:

  • Screen Flows
  • Auto-launched Flow
  • Screen Flows: In Screen Flows Salesforce flow will ask information from user and process data. Screen flows can be accessed from custom buttons, custom links, Visualforce Pages, etc.
  • Auto-launched Flow: Auto-launched flow run in the background without any user interaction. Flows can be accessed from custom buttons, custom links, Visualforce Pages, process builder, and Apex, etc.

Let’s set up Screen Flows to create an account.

  • Click Setup
  • Click Process Automation
  • Click Flows
  • Click New Flows

  • Select Screen Flow
  • Click Create

Select Flow Type

  • Click Screen and Drag

Select Screen

  • Write Screen Properties as Create Account
  • Drag Text input and create fields
    • Account Name (Required)
    • Phone (Required)
    • Website
    • Description

Input Fields

  • We can add different types of inputs such as the Radio button, Picklist, Lookup, etc.
  • Click Done
  • Users will enter all the above fields which are available on the screen.
  • Select and Drag Create Record
  • We need to map input fields with Salesforce fields when it will create a record.

  • In the above screen, we have to map Salesforce fields with Screen fields.
  • Click Done
  • Create Display Text for created record confirmation

Confirmation Message

  • We have to connect these process
    • Start
    • Screen
    • Create Records
    • Confirmation Screen

Map Processes

  • Click Save
  • Write Flow name

Save Flow

  • Click Run

Fill Account Details

  • Record created successfully
  • Display confirmation message

Account Created

We created a flow where users will fill information and flow will create a new account. We can call this flow using a Process builder as well.

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