How to create a Salesforce Celebration?

Salesforce Celebration

Salesforce Celebration: Salesforce added new features whenever Sales / Service team achieve something and you want to celebrate then you can setup and on-screen we can see it’s an effect.

Example: Below are few cases where we can setup Salesforce Celebration

  • Opportunity Close Won
  • Service case closed
  • Change account from Prospect to Customer

We can setup for an Account object. Whenever customer type change to “Current” then we need celebration on the screen.


  • Click Setup
  • Search Path Setting
  • Click New Path
  • Path Name: Current Customer
  • Select Object: Account
  • Select Record Type: Master
  • Select Picklist: Type 

Basic Setup

  • Click Next
  • Select the fields which you want to display
  • Click Next
  • Enable: A. When users reach a specific step in the path, help them celebrate their success with on-screen confetti.

Enable Feature

  • In the above screen, we need to first select field value when we need confetti and what is the frequency for this such as Rarely or Sometimes or Often or Always. We selected Always.
  • Click Finish
  • Now whenever customer type will update to “Current” confetti will display on the screen.
  • Below image we updated Customer type to “Current” and confetti will display on the screen.

Salesforce Celebration

Note: Account type path should be on the Account page layout otherwise it will not work.

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