How to configure Utility Bar in Lightning Experience ?

Home Utility Bar

Utility Bar : In Lightning Experience we can add components in a horizontal footer. The components you add to the Utility Bar are always one click away and provide a great way to keep users focused and productive by allowing them to perform common tasks without having to navigate away from what they are doing.

Let’s add Chatter feed and Recent items in Utility Bar.

  • Click Setup
  • Click Apps
  • Click App Manager
  • Select your app and edit

Utility Bar

  • Click Utility Bar

Add Components

  • Select “Recent Items” and “Chatter feed” from components ad add it.

Recent Items Configuration

  • Select objects for Recent items

Recent Items

  • Add “Chatter Publisher” component.

Chatter Publisher

  • Below is home page with utility bar

Home Utility Bar

  • Exercise 1 : Add report component in Utility bar.


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