How to Customize Recent Accounts layout?

Changed Recent Account Layout

Definition of “Recent Accounts Layout” : Whenever you click on Accounts tab you can see below layout, it’s called “Recent Accounts Layout.

Recent Accounts

Below are steps to modify Fields.

  • Click Accounts
  • Click on ( Right Side Arrow ).
  • Click on “Edit Columns
  • Select Fields which you want to display in Accounts layout.

Change Recent Account Layout

  • Select Fields which you want to add in layout. e.g. Account Name, Phone, Account Owner Alias, Billing Street, Billing State/Province, Billing Country, Type, Industry, Rating, Created By Alias

Selected Fields

  • For adding Fields you just have select and click on “Add” button. It will automatically add in “Selected Fields
  • After your fields selection you can save it.
  • Note : you can select your lead fields ( Standard & Custom ) in Search layout.
  • No more than 10 fields can be added to a search layout.

Recent Accounts Layout after selected your fields.

Changed Recent Account Layout

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