How to change Account Page Layout in Lightning Experience ?

Account Page Layout : If you want to customize Page Layout of Account then you can do it in Lightning Experience.

Below is Default Page layout of Account.

LEX Accounts Layout

  • In above screen you can see few sections.
    • Account’s Summary
    • Account Insights
    • Contacts List
    • Opportunities List
    • Case List
    • Current & Past Activities
  • any of above section you can move as per your requirements. below are steps for it.

Step 1: Click on Setup

Step 2: Click on Edit Page


Below you can see all current components in Account Page.


  • Standard & Custom components : If you want to add any components then you can drag from left side to main page layout. then click on Save & Active.
  • Live View : You can select device and your page layout will change as per selections.

Add chart in Account Page Layout.

  1. Select “Report Chart” components from left side and drag after “Account Insights”
  2. Select Report which you want to show in Account Page layout.
  3. Save
  4. Active


Below is New Account Page Layout with “Report Chart”.


Same way you can add components in Account Page layout.

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