How to Assign task to Leads in Lightning Experience ?

LEX Past Activity

Assign Task Definition : Whenever you want to do any action / activities / follow up then you can assign task to yourself or your colleague, your sales team or some users.

Below are few applications to assign tasks.

  • Assign task to yourself when you are visiting client, calling client or lead follow up
  • Assign task to your sales team / service team to visit, call client or lead follow up

Advantages to assign tasks.

  • Track your team visit, call, follow up
  • Reduce your communication time
  • No need to meeting, email and telephone call

How to Assign task to Lead in Lighting Experience?

  • Select Leads
  • Click New Task

LEX Lead New Task

  • Assigned to : yourself or your team
  • Subject : Select Subject e.g. Call, Visit, Follow up etc. ( you can customize as per your requirements ).
  • Due Date : When you want this tasks to Finish. Select that date.
  • Status : You can select status of this particular task.

You can see above task in Next Steps under lead section.

LEX Next Steps

Note : in Lighting Experience any open / pending activities is called “Next Steps”. Whatever activities are in next steps that steps you have to do it for that particular objects.

When you changed status to “Completed” it will display into “Past Activity“.

LEX Past Activity

Above is one example to assign task for any lead. You can do with other task like Visit, Meeting etc.


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