How do I convert a lead in ?

Convert Lead

Definition of “Convert a Lead ” : To keep the sales process moving when you qualify your leads and then convert them to contacts, accounts, or opportunities.

Below are few way to enter Leads in

  • Manually Entry
  • List Import
  • Web-to-lead Generation

When you convert Lead into Opportunity automatically below Objects will create.

  • Contact
  • Accounts
  • Opportunity

Steps to Convert a Leads into Opportunity.

  • Open the lead detail page of that particular lead which you want to convert.
  • Click to Convert Button

Convert Lead

  • Select Account Name, Opportunity Name & other details.

Convert Lead


Convert Lead Section : 

  1. Record Owner : By default owner is yourself. If you want to change to your sales reap. then you can search & select it.
  2. Account Name
    • Attach to Existing : If Account already in Salesforce then you have to Attach into existing account. Otherwise It will create new client and it will duplicate.
    • Attach to Existing : if you can’t find name then you can also search andAttach into existing account.
    • Crate New Account : If you can’t find then you can create New Account.
  3. Opportunity Name : you can write opportunity name when you are convert it. By default is Account name. Better practice you can write like : “Account Name – Product Name – Amount – Quarter” e.g. “Divyesh-Laptop-10K-Q3“.
  4. Converted Status : you can select status as per your status.

Task Information : Click here for more details.

Below are new objects created.

  • Account


  • Opportunity


  • Contact



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