Contacts in Lightning Experience

LEX Contact Layout

For each contacts, you can store related information such as Open activities, tasks, meeting, Log call, service contracts, service case and notes & attachments etc.

Below is Layout of Contacts in Lightning Experience.

LEX Contact Layout

Description for above Accounts layout.

  • Header : In header you can summary of contacts with below information.
    • Contact Name
    • Title
    • Account Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Buttons : Send Email, Edit & Delete
  • Details : you can see full details of contacts.
    • Contact Owner
    • Name
    • Account Name
    • Title
    • Department
    • Birth Date
    • Related to
    • Web Source
    • Phone
    • Home Phone
    • Mobile
    • Other Phone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Assistant
    • Asst Phone
  • Notes & Attachments : All Notes & Attachments under selected accounts it will show in Notes & Attachments section.
    • If you want to upload file then click on “Upload a File” button on right side.
    • If you see all Notes & Attachments under same accounts then you can click on “View All“.
  • Activity: In this Section you can do below action.
    • New Task : you can assign task to sales team for this selected contact.
    • Log a Call : you can do log a call for this selected contact.
    • New Event : you can assign event to sales team for this selected contact.
    • Email : you can email to user for this selected contact.

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