Change Lead Status

How to change Lead Status ?

Definition of “Lead Status” : A real time updates of any lead. Lead Status is Standard field of Salesforce. You can’t remove it but you can change value. Example of Lead Status : Open – Not Contacted – Lead created by READ MORE

Change Lead Owner

How to change Lead owner in ?

Definition of “Lead Owner” : A person who creates Lead. If you want to change Lead Owner you can do it. Note : An administrator or a user with Manage Leads and Transfer Leads permissions. For this permission you have READ MORE

Rename Tabs Labels

How to do Rename Tabs and Labels in

Rename Tabs and Labels : If you want to change name of Standard or Custom objects then you can do it as per your requirement & it is very easy. Below are some Tabs names which configured by READ MORE

Safari Professional Edition

How to find out what edition you have?

Below are few ways to know where you can find your Edition Home Page – When you login into you org. on top of your titlebar of your explorer you can see it. Google Chrome – Professional Edition Google READ MORE

Lead Layout

Below are more information about Lead Layout. 1)   Related List : All Actions related to leads you can see on Top of the lead layout. Where you can do following activities. External Sharing : Where you can share this READ MORE

New Task Layout

Salesforce Activities

Activities means : A detailed interaction log for a call, a follow up task or a calendar event. Below are few details about Activities. Open Activities : All your pending activities called open activities. e.g. Phone Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc. New Task – Layout READ MORE