Opportunity Page Layout

Opportunity Page Layout : 

Opportunity Layout


Below are more information about Lead Layout.

1)   Related List : All Actions related to opportunity you can see on Top of the opportunity layout. Where you can do following activities.

  • Google Docs, Notes, & Attachments : If you want to upload any documents for this particular opportunity then you can upload through Google Docs & Salesforce also.
  • Similar Opportunity :  Salesforce is providing very good features where you can search any similar opportunity in Salesforce. So, you will get idea about it.                                                                                                                    Read More…
  • Product : If you configure price book and uploaded products. So, you can add product for this particulars opportunity.
  • Open Activities : All your pending activities called open activities. e.g. Phone Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc.
    • New Task : you can assign new task to your Sales Rep. even you can also assign task to his / her manager and themselves. Task include : Call, Email, Send Letter, Send Quote, Other (you can add subject as per your requirement).
  • Approval History : If you set already approval process for your lead then you can submit for approval
  • Stage History : whenever you are change stage in any opportunity, it will show you full history about it.
  • New Event : here you can make Event for particular this lead. it is also called “Cloud Scheduler“.
  • New Meeting Request : you can also request for Meeting for particular this lead.

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  • Activities History : All your finished activities called activities history. e.g. Call, Visit, Submit Quote etc.
    • Log a Call : Here you can log your call whenever you are creating call to for this lead. Whenever you creating Log a Call at the same time you can create next action after finished a call. e.g. after call client asking for meeting or quote or send information. so, same time you can assign task for it.
    • Send an Email : if you want to send email through Salesforce.com for this lead then you can send email to that particular customer’s email id. Note : you can select contacts from your Salesforce.com contacts only. you can also select template if you created in your Salesforce.com Org.

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2) Standard Button : Salesforce provide you few standard function buttons. Below are list of it.

  • Edit : If you want to edit any information in particular lead then you have to use Edit button. When you press edit button same time Delete, clone, & Submit for approval buttons will disappear. Below are layout when you are doing editing.