How to do Rename Tabs and Labels in

Rename Tabs Labels

Rename Tabs and Labels :

If you want to change name of Standard or Custom objects then you can do it as per your requirement & it is very easy.

Below are some Tabs names which configured by when you buy it.

1)   Accounts

2)   Cases

3)   Contacts

4)   Campaigns

Let’s say you want to change “Accounts” Tab name to “Client” please follow below steps.


  • Login in
    • Click Setup
    • Click Customize
    • Under Tab Names and Labels Click Rename Tabs and Labels
    • Below image I selected Tab called “Accounts”

Rename Tabs Labels


  • Click Edit : “Accounts”
  • Change Name with new name. New name “Clients”.

Step 1 Tabs Labels

  • Click Next

Step 2 Tabs Labels

  • Above image you can see all names automatically changed with new name i.e. “Clients”. 
  • If you want to change “Clients” to “Client” or either way you can change it.

Renamed Tabs Labels

  • IT’S DONE. You can see in Tab and page layout you can see it’s changed with “Clients”



  • Same way you can change any Tabs and Labels names just follow above steps.

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