How to create your Custom Calendar in Lightning Experience?

Follow up Calendar

Custom Calendar : Do you and your users want easy tracking system ? Close Date follow up on time ? Meeting Confirmation ? all you can do with Custom Calendar. You can create your own “Custom Calendar” and setup date criteria as per your requirements. e.g. Close Date, Next Action Date, Meeting Date etc dates with your Custom Calendar.

Scenario 1: Sales users can follow up Weekly, Daily as per close date.

Scenario 2: Service users can follow up with Case closer date.

Scenario 3: Sales users can setup up meeting as per meeting date.

Example: Let’s create “Follow up” Calendar and criteria date is your close date


  • Click App Launcher
  • Search Calendar
  • Click Calendar


  • Click “New Calendar

New Calendar

  • Create a calendar from a Salesforce standard or custom object

Select Object

  • In above step we selected “Opportunity” object. Here we can select any Salesforce Standard or Custom Objects.
  • Fill Calendar details below

Calendar Details

  • Calendar Name : Follow up – here you can write any name as per your requirements
  • Field for Start : You can start date as close date.
  • Field for End : This is optional. If you use it, you must select the same type of field as you do in Field for Start.
  • Apply a Filter : You can select any Filter ( for creating view click here )
  • Field Name to Display : You can select which you want to display on calendar

Customize Calendar

  • In above step we can customize calendar color or edit calendar.
  • Blow is your New Customize Calendar – Follow up

Follow up Calendar

  • Exercise 1 : Create Meeting Calendar – Add Start and End Date.
  • Exercise 2 : Create Next Follow up Calendar for all opportunities


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