How to Create Global Picklists?

Account Layout

Global Picklists : Global picklists let you share the picklist value set across objects. Base custom picklist fields on a global picklist to inherit its values.

Example : Country or product picklist value you want to use for Lead, Account, Opportunities and custom objects


  • Click “Setup
  • Under “Build
  • Click “Create
  • Click “Picklists

Global Picklists

  • Click “New
  • We are creating “Country” Picklist
  • Write Label “Country

Add Country Picklist

  • Click “Save
  • Now we have to enter values in Country picklist

Add Values

  • Click “New
  • Write your picklist values

Countries Names

  • Above you can see some dummy values for “Country” picklist.
  • Click “Save
  • Now we can add this Global Picklist – Country in – Account object. ( same way you can add in all other Salesforce Objects ).
  • Click “Setup”
  • Click “Build”
  • Click “Customize”
  • Click “Account
  • Click “Fields
  • Click “New
  • Select “Picklist” Data type

Data Type

  • Click “Next
  • Write Filed Name “Country
  • Select “Use global picklist definition
  • Select your Global Picklist “Country
  • Click “Next
  • It’s done.
  • Open any “Account”

Account Layout

  • Same way you can add this global picklist in Lead, Opportunity, Custom Objects.

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