How to Add Google Docs to Salesforce ?

Uploaded Google

Definition of “Google Docs to Salesforce” : You can link your Google Docs with Salesforce. You don’t have to upload on your Salesforce org.

Below cases you can use “Google Docs to Salesforce”.

  • Large file size ( PDFs, Docs, Excel etc )
  • High Resolution Images
  • Particular software files ( AutoCad, CoreDraw )
  • and more

Advantages of Google Docs to Salesforce.

  • You can control Salesforce org space
  • You can control for your files which you uploaded on Google
  • Easy to share

How to Configure “Google Docs to Salesforce” ?


  • Salesforce Configuration
    • Click on Setup
    • Under Administer
    • Click on Google Apps 
    • Click on Setting
    • Edit Add Google Docs to

Add Google Docs Salesforce

  • Below you can see Google Docs to Salesforce activated.

Add Google Docs Salesforce

  • Google Configuration 
    • Login into your Google Account
    • Click on
    • Select file which you want to link with Salesforce

Google Drive

  • Salesforce Configuration
    • Click on “Opportunity / Case / Accounts / Contacts etc” where you want to link Google doc file.
    • Click on Add Google Doc
    • Below is example to upload file under Contacts.

Link Google File

  • Below you can see file connected with Salesforce Contacts.

Uploaded Google

  • Same way you can upload any times of file and connect with any Salesforce Objects.


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